United Kingdom · Compliance
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In the role of MLRO you will be actively involved in the company preparation and application for the EMI and CASP licenses:

  • Implement and maintain AML/CTF policies in compliance with UK Money Laundering Regulations and the Proceeds of Crime Act.
  • Serve as the nominated officer for reporting suspicious activities to the UK's NCA.
  • Conduct regular AML/CTF training for staff.
  • Monitor and assess risks associated with money laundering and terrorist financing within the organization.
  • File SARs with the NCA and adhere to Electronic Money Regulations for small payment institutions.
  • Maintain records and conduct regular audits to ensure AML/CTF compliance.
  • Monitor and report local changes and requirements related to AML/CTF to the Head of Global Compliance.
  • Engage with the FCA for compliance-related matters and coordinate with other departments to ensure effective compliance programs and provide advice and solutions on compliance matters.
  • Approve high-risk customers.
  • Act as an internal consultant to the business on all compliance matters, providing advice and solutions.
  • Collaborate closely with other departments such as Operations, Legal, and IT to ensure a coordinated and effective compliance program where necessary.


  • University degree in Finance, Law, or a related field.
  • At least 5 years experience in a compliance role, preferably within the financial services sector.
  • Strong understanding of FCA regulations and UK AML/CTF laws.
  • Certifications like CAMS, ICA Advanced Certificate in AML, or similar.


  • Strong team of professionals and growth opportunities within the company.
  • Adequate management that hears and listens, and in case of controversial decisions is guided by numbers.
  • Comfortable working conditions.
  • Opportunity to work remotely or in the office in the center of London.
This job opening is archived